10 tips for playing Roulette

These tips for playing Roulette will help any player improve his Roulette strategy and boost his profits. Being stuck in a rut concerning your gambling abilities shouldn’t discourage you, just read these tips and learn how to improve your game and develop a betting strategy!

Tip #1

Always play a Roulette that is free and always bet on the outside tables’ one.

Tip #2

Make sure to always bet on outside chances like Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Columns or Dozens. Even if these bets won’t rake in a lot of profits they will help you in the long run.

Tip #3

Always remember the previous numbers before making any bet, it will help you make accurate predictions for your current round. This tip is based off the idea that “lighting doesn’t strike twice” .So, if a series of 10 red figures were spun the best decision you can make is to bet on black. Remember, Roulette is a game of chance, you have no way to know what will come up, so it’s best to use the laws of probability to your advantage.

Tip #4

If you already have a betting strategy and want to test it out you can always play at a free table to see how it fairs against the game. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Tip #5

One of the most crucial tips for playing Roulette is to always save what you win. For example let’s say that you started with a budget of $100 and after 2 hours you now have $200. It would be wise to cash in your initial deposit and keep playing with what you won. This will help you draw even if you lose all the money and no tears will be shed. Always keep the money you win and play with your original amount put at stake. If you lose your stake within a short span of time, control your temptation to make deposits in the future. Oh, and remember to always bet an amount that you can afford to lose.

Tip #6

Check the table before playing. You must always keep in mind that you’re not competing with the casino, your only focus should be on earning more money for yourself.

Tip #7

This one is a no-brainer. Always play European Roulette and never its American counterpart. The double 00 on the American Table will increase the house edge and decrease your chances of winning. But don’t worry, European Roulette is played worldwide and only a few casinos in the United States have American Roulette tables.

Tip #8

If you’re an online gambler always check the casinos’ reputation. A well respected online casino will have a Random Number Generator and will always publish their payout percentages.

Tip #9

This is only for land-based casinos. Before starting your turn, spin the wheel several times to check for biases. It is highly possible that a particular wheel can generate more odd numbers than even or vice-versa.

Tip #10

If you have a hard time remembering tips and strategies just print them out on paper and take them with you. Better to have it than not need it than to need it and not have it right?



Where to find the best online casino games

All online gamblers want their games to have stunning graphics and high quality audio. A casino game should always immerse the player in the spirit of the casino. These games come from software providers and the gaming companies also come in many forms, from established slot machine designers from previous generations to the internet startup companied during the online gambling boom of the 2000s. Online casino reviews show what software provider each reviews casino uses, and if you are a seasoned online gambler you can immediately tell where the best games are at from experience.

Below is a list of some of the best software providers that some of you are familiar with from online casino reviews. A good software provider means also a good game.

Microgaming Casinos

I’m sure you’ve seen this in a lot of online casino reviews when they cover the software provider of a specific casino. Microgaming is the largest of the online software development companies. Established in 1994 in the UK just when the online gambling boom took place, Microgaming has added 201 English speaking online gambling clients in only 18 years. Microgaming progressive jackpots hold world records for the best payouts while their 300+ games are known for excellent live dealer interfaces

Cryptologic Casinos

Another familiar face that you can recall from online casino reviews. Cryptologic is a software provider from Ireland that continues to work on technical upgrades for multi-player games, live dealers, live chat, 3D casino environments and custom browser windows. Cryptologic has created over 280 games in their online casino suite.

Playtech casinos

Another UK based software company and is the number 1 challenger to Microgaming’s position in the gambling industry. Playtech powers over 147 English language casinos and 23 non-English sites and it’s also very popular in the land-based casino industry.

These are the top 3 software providers that you want to see at every online casino. Their games are of the highest quality and if you want to see which casino is powered by them please check some online casino reviews for the best information in the business.



Online Roulette myths

If you’re an avid gambler you’ll find that every casino game has its own myths that players like to circulate. These myths are illogical speculations and very far from the truth. Roulette is no exception either, there are online roulette myths that you can find on gambling forums or in any online casino chat section. In reality, these myths were made by the collective mind of frustrated players that had some bad days and should be ignored. Odds are odds and you can’t change the fact that anything is possible.

Online Roulette is rigged

This online Roulette myth is the perfect example of how gambling myths are made. If you’ve ever read a complaint about the fact that online Roulette is rigged there’s a chance that you might’ve came across this type of comment: “I got ten reds in a row and I was betting on black so it’s obviously rigged”. Why this online Roulette myth, and this comment, is a fallacy is because of mathematics. 10 reds in a row is a mathematical certainty, it will be bound to happen sooner or later. There can even be 100 reds in a row, any possible combination will be bound to happen! The fact that some players got unlucky isn’t an excuse to propagate online Roulette myths online the web about the game being rigged.
Roulette is a game of chance that can’t be beaten, basically it’s gambling in its purest form. You can’t predict on what the ball will land, there are no strategies that can be applied to decrease the house’s edge. All you have is a guess and a moving ball, nothing more.

The wheel has memory

This has to be the silliest of all the online Roulette myths you can find on the web. Some people actually believe that either the wheel, or the software has memory and it’s actively using it to make you lose. If that were true then Roulette would’ve been long extinct by now.
For example, if there’s been 12 reds in a row, common sense would tell any person to bet on black because it will “bound to hit now.” This is nothing more than common sense, if you roll a die and 5 comes up 4 times in a row, everybody that knows how random a dice roll can be will bet that 5 won’t come up on the next throw. Again, mathematics helps us to see the truth and bust these ill-conceived myths.



5 Tips on How to Win at Craps

Do you want to win at craps and to improve your game? Then this article is for you. Here you’ll find 5 very simple and almost invincible tips that can immensely improve your game and help you win at craps almost every time. Craps is the most social game you can find at the casino, it’s played by a lot of people at once and it’s a lot of fun.
The first thing that seems to intimidate a new player is the huge table and all the writing on it, it almost seems like cryptic code but, in reality, it’s very easy to decipher. At first try and learn slowly and have some sort of understanding of the house edge so you know when and why to bet. Here I’ll be showing you how to win at craps by giving you 5 simple tips to up your game. These tips are derived from a very firm understanding of the math behind the game of craps so don’t worry too much.
Ready to win at craps?

1) The odds rules: when to pass and come and when not to

The rule of thumb is: put the smallest amount on the “don’t pass” or the “don’t come” and the largest amount behind it. Why is that? The house edge is on the don’t pass/don’t come bets and the player has an advantage on the odds bets. Also, the house edge can be found on the pass and come line but the player, again, has the advantage on the odds portion of the bets.

2) Bet on the six or eight

If you’re betting in multiples of 6, for example $6.00, bet on the six or eight place-to-win bet. Why? Again, the house edge is smaller on these bets, only 1.52%. Easy money!

3) Place the six or eight to lose

This tip is virtually foolproof! Place a $5.00 bet on the table and announce “6/8 to lose”. If the seven shows (the odds of the dice hitting a seven are the greatest of them all) you win $4.00, the house edge being only 1.82%

4) Place the five or nine to lose

Put down $8.00 and bet that the above numbers will lose. Everything in craps has to do with the house edge and you have to make sure that every bet you make leaves the casino with the least amount of odds to win. In this case, the edge is 2.5% and if those numbers lose you’ll win $5.00

5) Lay against the 4 or 10

It’s just like betting the 6 or 8 to lose but this bet has a higher payout. If you’re feeling optimistic you can bet $41 and if you win you’ll get a payout of $20.
These are the 5 most effective tips to follow if you want to win at craps and increase your bankroll. If you don’t believe me try them out and see for yourself!


What are online casino software providers?

Online casino software providers play a very important role in any online casino. Because one of the most important aspects of any gambling site is the games that you play for money, online casino software providers are the companies that sell those games, games that can make or break any gambling site. Online casino software providers are very useful to online casino reviews also, there are only a handful of companies that make good games and if you happen to see one of those companies in any online casino review or on the site’s homepage you can be sure that they are both a legitimate business and a high quality online casino.
With that said, what are the best software companies to look for? Below there’s a list of the three currently best online casino software providers in the world. Be sure to look out for them when choosing an online casino!
1. Microgaming Casnios
Microgaming is the largest of the online casino software providers in the world. It was established in 1994 in the UK at just the right time when the online gambling industry was on its startups. They’ve added 201 English language gambling sites till now and 240 of all languages. With their progressive jackpots holding the record for the best payouts and their list of 300+ games you can be sure that any casino that has Microgaming backing them up will be worth investing your money.
2. Cryptologic Casinos
This online casino software provider comes out of Ireland and continues to work on technical upgrades for multi-player games, live dealers and live chat. With over 280 games as pedigree, Cryptologic now powers over more than 95 English language UK online casinos.
3. Playtech Casinos
Another UK based company, Playtech Casinos are the #1 challenger to Microgaming’s position in the industry. They currently power over 150 English speaking online casinos and more than 30 non-English gambling sites. Playtech powers William Hill Casino, Betfred, Mansion casino and many others.
There you have it! Now you know where do online casinos get their games from. If you’re new to the online gambling world be sure to look for these companies in online casino reviews or at the bottom of the site’s homepage.


How to cheat slots

Everybody wants to know how to cheat slots just like they want to know how to efficiently cheat at any casino game. This question how? That’s easy to answer, many people have figured out a good couple of ways how to cheat slots. But is it worth the risks? You may wind up in jail or on Las Vegas’s infamous Black Book. If you’re willing to take the chances keep on reading, you’ll find 4 methods of how to cheat slots.

Shaved coins

If you want to know how to cheat slots it’s only logical to start from the first thing that goes into the machine, the coin. What are shaved coins you ask? It’s self-explanatory, it’s a coin shaved around its edge. Today’s slots have an optic sensor that registers payment, basically it detects the coin going into the machine. That’s all fine and dandy but you want your coin back don’t you? Shaved coins are registered by the machine but once it gets to its comparitor mechanism (the piece of equipment that measures the size and weight) it will be immediately kicked out because of the coins minute size discrepancy.

Piano wire

Some people really want to know how to cheat slots and they get creative. This one dates back to 1982 at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency in Atlantic City where a group of men surrounded a slot machine on the casino floor. Every man had his jobs. One of the men was dubbed the “mechanic” because he had to pry open the front and insert 20-inch piano wires into the machine’s mechanism. This allowed him to control each reel individually and, in the end, the group of burglars managed to hit a $50,000 jackpot.

Cheat code

When you think of how to cheat slots I’m sure the last thing you probably thought of was cheat codes. Ronald Dale Harris was a software engineer for the Nevada Gaming Commission and his job was to program computer chips in slot machines. All he did was enter a cheat code that was activated by a specific combination of coins (3 coins, wait, 1 coin, wait, 5 coins, etc.) and the machine would automatically pay out. He was also in charge of the random number generator in a couple of slots machines, allowing him to accurately predict what will come next. Eventually he got caught.

Bill validator device

This one works by the same principle as the shaved coin, but it uses a fake bill. The device is made up of two prongs of metal that, when stuck into the machine, tricks it into thinking you’ve just inserted $100.
These aren’t all the methods there are when it comes to tricking a slot machine. Knowing how to cheat slots can be a field of its own due to the complexity of every device, but in the end it isn’t worth the risk.


History of slot machines

Everybody knows them but how many people know the history of slot machines? Well, according to Legal Slots, the term “slot machines” was used for both gambling devices and automatic vending machines. It was not until the 1900s that “slot machines”  officially described gambling devices. The British called them “fruit machines” and another popular nickname was “the one-armed bandit”.history of slot machines

The inventor of slot machines

Little do people know that the first slot machine dated way back to 1895. The first mechanical slot was named Liberty Bell, invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco. Slot machines got their three reels from Liberty Bell. Diamond, spade and heart symbols were painted on each reel, plus a cracked image of the Liberty Bell. Three bells in a row meant the highest payoff, a whopping total of fifty cents or 10 nickels.
If you want to see a part of the history of slot machines the original Liberty Bell can be seen at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Reno, Nevada. Other machines invented by Charles Fey were: Draw Power, Three Spinde and Klondike. In 1901 he also invented the first draw poker machine and the trade check separator that was used in Liberty Bell.

Demand for more slots

With Charles Fey began the history of slot machines. When people first saw them the demand was high, too high enough for Charles because he couldn’t build them fast enough in his small shop. Some companies tried to buy out the patent and the rights to produce their own Liberty Bell but the inventor refused. Because of that, in 1907, Herbert Mills, an arcade machine manufacturer from Chicago, made their own knock-off of Liberty Bell, named the Operator Bell. This was the first time when fruits were used as symbols for the reels.

How did they worked

Inside each cast iron body of any mechanical slot machine were three hoops called reels with ten symbols painted on each. You had to pull a lever to spin the reels and when they stopped a jackpot was awarded if three identical symbols lined up.

The age of electronics

This is a crucial point in the history of slot machines, the electronic slots. The most popular electronic slot was the 1934 animated horserace machine called PACE RACES. In 1964 Nevada Electronic built the “21” machine, the first ever all electronic gambling device. Other all electronic versions of gambling games soon followed including one for dice, roulette, horse racing and poker. In 1975 Fortune Coin Company built the first ever all electronic slot machine.


Basic craps strategy

Learning a basic craps strategy is the first step towards mastering the game and increasing your profits at the table. The game of craps offers better betting odds than any casino game you can find and it’s one of the most exciting games to play. Many players become intimidated because of the large betting options this game offers. With this basic craps strategy you turn the odds in your favor and all you need to do is learn a few bets.

Pass line betting

If you want to learn any basic craps strategy you have to know what a pass line bet is, it being the most common bet made in craps. Almost everybody at any craps table, at any casino, makes a pass line bet. Understanding what this bet does is crucial to this basic craps strategy.
Pass line bets only offer on a come out roll. At an online casino you know it’s the come out roll when you’re all alone at the table. In a live game though, when you see a black puck with off written on it then you know it’s the come out roll. In order to make a pass line bet all you have to do is place your chips on the table section entitled pass line.
Here’s what you’re betting on. The pass line bet means that if a 7 or 11 rolls out you win even money, if the roll is 2, 3 or 12 you lose. If any other number comes then it is now the point and the bets continue into future rolls. If the point is rolled again prior to a seven then you win your pass line bet. If a seven is rolled before the point you lose your money.
This basic craps strategy is perfect for beginners, just put your money on the pass line. This bet has a house edge of just 1.41%, a decent edge compared to the other gambling games.

Taking the odds

A bet that goes hand in hand with the pass line bet is called “taking odds”. This is another key element to this basic craps strategy because it pays true odds and it is the only bet in a casino that has no house edge.
An odds bet is just a side bet on whether the point will be rolled before a seven. Because there are more chances of rolling a seven this bet pays true odds. For example, if the point is 6 or 8 the odds pay 6 to 5, if the point is 5 or 9 the odds are 3 to 2 and if the point is 4 or 10 the odds are 2 to 1.

Come betting

Another bet that plays part in any basic craps strategy is the come bet. It works exactly like the pass line except a point has to be established before you can make it. You can even place a pass line and a come bet on every roll. Doing this you can increase your earnings but the house edge remains the same.

Optimal craps strategy

The basic craps strategy is to bet the pass line and or the come bet, and then the odds. If you want to reduce the house edge any further the best thing to do is place “don’t pass bets” or “don’t come bets” and then “lay the maximum odds”. Any basic craps strategy is also a betting system, craps being, in essence, a game of chance.


How to cheat at blackjack

Many people have wondered how to cheat at blackjack, besides counting cards, and there are a couple of methods. First of all, cheating is not recommended, legal or endorsed by anybody, this article is just for educational purposes only, you can learn how to cheat at blackjack but that doesn’t mean you should try it.
With today’s high tech security technologies you’ll find that mostly the dealer cheats at blackjack. The solitary player has a limited range of cheating options, one being the unoriginal snatch and run technique, you literally steal the chips and run like hell.

Cheating methods

Since the game gained popularity in the gambling world people always wanted to beat the game and to learn how to cheat at blackjack. One of the most popular method of cheating is marking the cards. This is called “The Daub” technique and all you have to do is apply a substance that leaves an almost invisible smudge on the card. One scam involved some kind of special paint that was only visible to specially made contacts.
Another method is the “hold out” one that requires palming a card and switching it for a better one. If you wanted to learn how to cheat at blackjack I wouldn’t suggest this method because it isn’t the most effective. When the deck is changed the pit boss scrutinizes the cards when they are taken out of play, increasing your chances of getting caught by 100%. If you still want to go ahead with this cheating ploy you’ll need a buddy that you can switch cards with.
Having another person to help you cheat is always better. For example, you can gain advantage if a dealer is careless when looking at their hole card for a blackjack. Somebody behind him on the other side of the pit can easily discern the card and tell it to the player. Be careful if you use wireless devices to talk, some casinos are known to check certain frequencies for activity.
These cheating methods have been made almost obsolete because of video surveillance and if by some miracle you do get away with one I suggest you cash in and get out of there. If you really want to learn how to cheat at blackjack the best thing to do is work with a dealer. A skilled dealer can stack the deck, deal whichever cards they want and ultimately decide who will win and lose at the table.
The most preferred cheating method for any dealer would be the “second deal”. The dealer pretends to deal the first card of the deck but instead he deals the second one. If somebody is going to deal seconds they must know what the second card is. One way to see the second card is peeking and a riskier method is pegging. A device called a pegger is used to put indentations in the cards so that the person holding the deck feels them. Pegging all the ten value cards can certainly have its benefits.
Learning how to cheat at blackjack is a valuable skill if you do it right. One thing you want to learn on the side is sleight of hand. Knowing how to proper handle a deck of cards is always a plus.


Roulette betting strategies

Sound Roulette betting strategies are much sought after, it being one of the most popular games you can play at any casino. One thing that you should know about Roulette is that it’s a negative expectation game. On the American double zero wheel the house will always have a 5.26 edge and there is nothing you can do about that, there is no system that can change the houses’ edge. If you happen to see any ads for Roulette betting strategies that claim to beat the game itself don’t bother wasting your money, those claims are false. Over the course of history some of the greatest minds have tried to come up with a system to beat the game. Even Albert Einstein studied this problem and came up empty handed and he was quoted saying “The only way to beat roulette is to steal the money when the dealer’s not looking”. He made his point very clearly, there are no safe Roulette betting strategies that mathematically give you the edge in order to beat the game, it all comes down to luck.
With all of this in mind, some players have devised a set of betting patterns to minimize their losses. Instead of dropping chips all over the layout it’s safer to make bets that cover multiple numbers along with a straight bet on a single number in order to reduce losses by grinding small wins. Here are two popular Roulette betting strategies for playing inside numbers.

Double Street Quad Strategy

This betting pattern requires you to make wages on two double streets with a quad or corner bet and one straight up number. This Roulette betting strategy covers 17 numbers and there will not be more than five adjacent slots uncovered on the wheel.
You will need a minimum of six chips for this. Two chips on each of the double streets, one chip on the corner and one on the straight number. It can be any number you like, it doesn’t matter, all you have to do is cover as many of them as you can.

Here’s how it works

Two chips on the double street to cover: 16,17,18,19,20,21
Two chips on the double street to cover: 31,32,33,34,35,36
One chip on the corner to cover: 17,18,20,21
And the last chip on any number you like: Ex. 13

The Pay Off

Double streets pay 5 to 1. With your two chips on it you can collect 10 chips if the ball lands on one of those numbers and your profit will be 6 chips
The corner/quad bet pays 8 to 1 and if the ball lands there your profit will be 3 chips.
The straight up bet has a 35 to 1 payout and will give you a handsome profit of 30 chips.

Five Quad Strategy

Again you will need six chips for this betting pattern. The idea behind this is that you will make five corner bets with a single straight up number. This betting strategy will cover 21 numbers on the layout, also, and this applies to the previous pattern, the straight up number must not be in any of the quad bets, the key here is to cover as many numbers as possible.

Here’s how it works

You will make five corner bets that will cover the following numbers
And one straight up bet, let’s say you bet again on 13.

The Pay Off

Again, the payout for quad bets is 8 to 1 and we started just as the last time with 6 chips, thus the profit for any corner bet win will be 3 chips. And if you win the straight up bet you have a handsome 30 chips profit.

The idea behind these Roulette betting strategies is not to get rich, it’s to extend your time at the table. In essence all you do is grinding up small profits, you can also increase your earnings by doubling or adding one more chip to your standard bet. You can also try to vary the numbers hoping that the laws of probability are by your side, meaning the ball will not land again on the same number. Another good tip is to always play at a full table, the game is slowed down and the time your money is at risk is highly reduced. Hope this helps and remember, you can’t beat the game.